Production Facilities

Pressure Die Casting

  1. TPI possesses multiple Pressure Die Casting Machines with 420 Tons Locking Force
  2. Machines can process Aluminum, Zinc and Bronze Materials
  3. Machines can produce up to 4 kg weight of casting per shot
  4. Maximum Casting Area of 1060 cm2
  5. Die Platen Dimensions – 1030 x 1030 mm

Precision Machining

  1. TPI possesses a wide range of upto 0.025mm precise CNC Turning and Machining Centers along with Special Purpose Machines.
  2. Cellular Engineering Layout – We possess Dedicated Production Cells for Various Products
  3. Our Machines can process Ferrous, non-ferrous metals and various alloys including Aluminum, Magnesium and Copper
  4. With CNC Machining Centers’;
    1. Maximum Spindle Speed up to 8,000 rpm
    2. Tool Capacity up to 24 Tools
    3. Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis) up to 720mm
    4. Cross Travel (Y-Axis) up to 480 mm
    5. Vertical Travel (Z-Axis) up to 530 mm
  5. With CNC Lathes’;
    1. Maximum Spindle Speed up to 4,500 rpm
    2. Tool Capacity up to 12 Tools
    3. Bar Capacity of 51 mm
    4. Chuck Size up to 8 inches and Maximum Swing Diameter up to 520 mm
    5. Maximum Turning Diameter up to 330 mm
    6. Maximum Turning Length up to 400 mm
    7. Cutting Feed Rate up to 0.001~5000 mm/rev

Sheet Metal Pressing

  1. Trusted name in the country for Stamping jobs
  2. Skilled and dedicated Engineers
  3. Processes performed include;
    1. Shearing
    2. Blanking
    3. Forming / Drawing
    4. Bending
    5. Punching
  4. Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses

Hard Chrome Plating

  1. TPI has anin-house Hard Chrome Plating facility
  2. On the parts, the Hard Chrome Plating employs;
    1. Superb Aesthetic Surface
    2. High Wear Resistance
    3. Lubricity
    4. Oil Retention

In-House Support Processess