About us



This simple quotation has been the driving force behind our group’s success during the past four decades. It is an idea that conveys a simple truth: an organization is only as strong as the people working within it and its success is dependent upon their will to succeed.

Being a part of the Automotive Industry, an industry that provides strength to Pakistan’s economy, we at TPI understand the growing demand that we will be faced with in the years to come. Not only is Pakistan’s population on the rise, but also the global population is increasing resulting in the 600 million motor vehicles of today being projected to rise to 2.5 billion motor vehicles by 2050.

Moreover, the demand for motor vehicles such as agricultural tractors and motorcycles is also positively correlated with the success of the agricultural sector of Pakistan. TPI, having increased investment in the manufacturing of components of such motor vehicles, ensures that with the growth of Pakistan comes the growth of our organization and the people working for it. We have a focused vision ahead that we intend to achieve keeping all our stakeholders on board. We intend to maximize efficiency and performance within our group, and subsequently providing our customers with the value and satisfaction that they deserve.